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Coach Tony DeSousa

Born in Richmond, California, Coach Tony DeSousa began his exploration of martial arts with his father who had immigrated from Hong Kong. Boxing, Kung Fu and other arts were made into games and thus began a life long journey into the world of martial arts and later combat sports. After training in a variety of disciplines including:

*Kung Fu,

*Karate and

*Tae Kwon Do

Tony found himself drawn further from traditional martial arts and further into the exciting world of combat Sports. Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA became his focus and eventually he made the transition to training and coaching. He developed his skills in both formal and informal settings including the unorthodox D.G Boxing) Club aka. The Dirty Garage. Now with over 20 years experience, Tony focuses on fighter training as well as private and small group instruction in fundamental striking. He has worked with a wide variety of people from pro fighters to fitness focused individuals ages 6 to 60 plus. Most recently he completed certification with Rock Steady Boxing, training to help improve the quality of life for those diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. He also continues to assist many Bay Area fighters with  supplemental training as they prepare to compete. Tony is excited to be a part of the Rock Steady Boxing East Bay team and looks forward to helping anyone he can explore their own rewarding journey through physical fitness and also into martial arts and combat sports.

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